Appreciation on the most collect value gold coin in China


              First place: Guangxu Ingot Dragon gold coin by Guangdong Mint

Specification: diameter 4.3cm, weight 42.8g

Market valuation (RMB) : 17 ~22 million


Guangxu Ingot, made by Guangdong Mint, is a double dragon gold coin with one or two longevity characters cast in the thirty-first year of Guangxu (1905) to commemorate the 60th birthday of Cixi. The upper end of the bead circle is engraved with four characters "made in Guangdong Mint", and the lower end is engraved with five characters in the regular script "Weight 50g". On the left and right sides, each engraved with a bat pattern, and the bead circle is cast with four characters "Guangxu Ingot". On the back it has cast double dragon with bead pattern in a round "寿" word.

It was bought by an Overseas Chinese property tycoon from Singapore for 21 million yuan, according to Sotheby's Hong Kong auction house in 2017.

Second place. Guangxu Ingot Beiyang Mint gold coin

Specification: diameter 4.3cm, weight 42.75g

Market valuation (RMB) : 15 ~19 million

It is the first type of gold coin engraved with annals in The Beiyang Mint, which is also the one of the few gold coins left today. It has convex characters, deep round strokes, standard edge, raised ring, clear particles and the dragon scales without nothingness, leaving even chapter and smooth as a plate.

Third place. Yuan Shikai seven - cent of the Republic of China three - year signed edition gold coin

Specification: Diameter 3.9cm, weight 37.3g

Market valuation (RMB) : 11 ~15 million

It’s quite rare and refined with perfect appearance. In February of the third year of the Republic of China, the National Currency Regulations were announced that Tianjin Mint General Factory was planning the coin model, which was carried out by the Italian chief engrever George (L.Giorgi). it has a signature version and no signature version with limited volume, so the gold sample coin is more rare than others.

It is never circulated signature edition gold coin with small amount, and it is also the only two seen at present, which is a rare collection in perfect appearance, accompanying high value and worth collecting.

Fourth place. Guangxu Ingot Guangdong Mint three cent gold coin

Specification: Diameter 3.9cm, weight 37.5g

Market valuation (RMB) : 11 ~13 million


It has exquisite appearance with mature and natural diaplay, it has clear casting in obvious circulation traces, edge and dragon scales, providing a high investment value and collection value. There are four characters in Manchu Chinese "Guangxu Ingot" on the front bead circle, four petals on both sides, and the middle of the back is the dragon pattern. It has unique aesthetic style. The positive side rarely shows the integration of Manchu and Han cultures, while the back clearly indicates the intervention of Western culture.

Fifth place. Xu Shichang 10th September on the Republic of China benevolent birthday commemorative gold coin

Specification: Diameter 3.9cm, weight 37.4g

Market valuation (RMB) : 10 ~11 million

It’s the gold sample in the republic of China with about ten pieces, and it was presented to the Prime Minister and every minister of the President's cabinet by the Minister of Finance as a souvenir, presenting the special significance of memorial significance.

Xu Shichang was elected president in September of the seventh year of the Republic of China (1918). In September of the tenth year of the Republic of China (1921), it coincided with the third anniversary of his administration and the 67th anniversary of his birthday, namely, "Ren Shou Tong Deng". This coin is minted by Tianjin Mint General Factory to commemorate and congratulate the special commemorative coin. He wore a suit and a medal; On the back it is the exterior scene of Huai Ren Tang in Zhongnanhai, and a five-point flower star is engraved on the lower side of the left and right ends. At the lower right corner is a group of portraits in vivid image.

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