Drain Flash Tank


The hydrophobic expansion vessel is to expand and reduce the pressure of the hydrophobic in the pressure hydrophobic pipeline, separate the steam and hydrophobic, and introduce the steam into the heat exchanger or deaerator to make full use of its thermal energy, while the hydrophobic is introduced into the hydrophobic tank and sent to the feedwater system regularly. The main purpose is to reduce the pressure, if the high pressure steam directly into the condenser, it is easy to cause condenser overpressure, through which the pressure can be reduced to avoid overpressure, while some of them have desuperheating devices inside, which can reduce the temperature.
And mechanical (free float type, lever float type, inverted bucket type) water evacuator is using the principle of buoyancy to switch. It can automatically distinguish between steam and water, and is often used for continuous drainage, larger flow, and collection and reuse of discharged water. Among them, lever float water separator and inverted bucket water separator have complex structure, while free float water separator has simple structure and does not leak steam, which is generally used for pipeline hydrophobic or equipment hydrophobic.
Thermodynamic (disc type, pulse type) water evacuator is the use of aerodynamic principles, the pressure drop generated by the vapor turning to switch the valve. It is used in places where the flow rate is small, the differential pressure is large, the requirement for continuity is not high, the structure is simple, there is impulsive leakage, and it is generally used for pipeline hydrophobic.

The products are suitable for aerospace, defense and military industry, petrochemical, electric power equipment, iron and steel metallurgy, nuclear industry, biopharmaceutical, HVAC, medical equipment, agricultural machinery, food machinery, rubber and plastic machinery, engineering machinery, tank making equipment, brewing equipment, solar equipment, coating equipment. Coating equipment, drying equipment, vacuum equipment, gas equipment, electroplating equipment, generator sets, engineering construction, science and technology construction, natural gas, paper making, textile printing and dyeing, shipbuilding industry, building automation, automatic control, hydraulic systems, water plants, thermal power plants, steel plants, cement plants, chemical

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