Laser Printers Are Widely Used in Manufacturing


The laser printer is a marking device that uses different lasers to hit the laser beam on the surface of various materials, and the surface material can undergo physical or chemical changes through light, so as to engrave patterns, trademarks and characters and other permanent signs.  

Laser printers are widely used in production, covering electronic components, craft gifts, leather fabrics, rubber products, clothing accessories, food packaging, beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, printing plate making, metal marking and other fields. Whether it is plastic packaging, carton packaging, glass bottles, metal tin foil, single-piece packaging, and whole-case packaging, laser coding can meet the product identification requirements of different materials in the manufacturing industry.  

The laser printer can be used for static coding, or can be combined with various product packaging production lines to achieve high-speed dynamic coding. The marked products do not need to stop on the production line, and can be variable coding online.  

Compared with the small character inkjet printer, the laser printer does not need to clean the nozzle and frequently replace the consumables. It is more environmentally friendly than using ink, and can greatly save operating costs. The marking effect of laser coding is clearer, and it will not be wiped off after long-term storage, making it an effective anti-counterfeiting function.  

With the stricter supervision of food and drugs and the improvement of consumers' safety awareness, the state has successively issued circulation traceability regulations. Through the traceability mechanism, the relevant intermediate links are checked and malicious tampering of information in the storage and circulation links is eliminated, so as to avoid the occurrence of related enterprises through tearing Labels, changing packaging, altering the ex-factory date with cleaning solution, scraping with a knife, repackage expired products and put them on the market.    

Edible oil is an indispensable consumable in people's lives. With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's pursuit of edible oil quality is increasing day by day. The laser coding mark on the edible oil drum has become the quality label of edible oil. Laser coding is widely used in the field of marking due to its high efficiency, non-alteration, no consumables, and no pollution. Different information such as specifications, production date, batch number can be marked for each barrel of edible oil, which is a basic and necessary means of edible oil quality assurance.  

The edible oil detection of traditional laser coding is mainly done manually, but the human eye has limitations in the detection of supervisors. In order to adapt to the standards of modern production, it is necessary to improve the quality detection level of the edible oil production process. The application of laser coding visual sorting system in the edible oil industry, the use of advanced machine vision and automatic control technology can perfectly replace manual detection and improve the detection speed and accuracy.  

The visual inspection and sorting system is based on the knowledge of machine vision, computer application science, automatic control and other disciplines. In layman's terms, it is a kind of use of cameras to replace the human eye, image processing and algorithm functions to replace the human brain, and feature extraction and analysis of the target. An artificial intelligence technology that makes judgments to control the production process.  

The edible oil laser coding visual detection and sorting system flexibly uses various technologies and algorithms to quickly and accurately detect the coding information, and compare it with the coding information in the laser coding machine to realize the edible oil laser coding visual inspection and automatic sorting functions replace manual sorting, improve production efficiency and automation level, liberate labor, and reduce production costs. Once misprinting, missing printing, contamination, overlapping, skewing are found, the vision system will automatically warn the user, and can execute pre-set automatic control program actions to reject unqualified products.    

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