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Nine months have passed since 2021. In the past nine months, the global encrypted asset market has ushered in a crazy bull market. At the same time, the market has also experienced ups and downs in these nine months, and investors have also experienced a roller coaster like market. However, in such a volatile market, many investors still earn huge trading profits. Their secret weapon is the futures products trading encrypted assets.

In the crypto digital asset trading market, spot trading mainly makes profit by buying low and selling high, while futures can profit by short or multi-two-way operation, which is more operable than the spot market, and futures investment is more likely to investors in the bear market.If you look at the declining market trend,choose short is also a good investment choice.Through contract transactions, whether rising or down the market can make money, greatly improve the utilization rate of funds.

As a new exchange headquartered in the United States, bitmaster is committed to combining traditional financial experience and digital currency industry characteristics, for global users, ethereum and a series of digital assets trading services and a series of digital asset derivatives trading services, at the same time to meet beginners, professional traders and investment institutions of the actual demand of digital currency investment.Bitmaster supports positive and reverse sustainable contract transactions, up to 100 times the leverage allocation, investors can choose freely according to their own amount of capital and risk assumption capacity, and leverage large capital with small investment.

On the bitmaster exchange, investors can use the high leverage of perpetual contracts to flexibly control investment costs and get a greater return on investment.When the market fluctuates, high times of leverage will directly amplify investors' returns and greatly improve the utilization rate of funds. Of course, high returns are also accompanied by high risk.

Similarly, if traders are bullish on a long-term direction, such as thinking BTC prices will keep rising, then they can keep positions after buying long BTC perpetuities,without having to worry about being forced until after the closing date.bitmaster employs a "Reasonable Price Mark" system to ensure that contract market prices always anchor spot prices to avoid unnecessary forced liquidation on highly leveraged products.


Founded in June 2019, Bitmaster's core team is from Google, Grab, Robinhood and other world-renowned financial companies and Internet companies. It has senior experience in system security, microsecond high load, financial security and so on.At present, bitmaster has registered more than 2 million users, more than 200,000 daily active users, covering more than 50 countries and regions around the world, covering mainstream regions such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and more.

At the technical level, the platform adopts the world's leading multi-layer andmulti-cluster system architecture. The high-speed transaction matching engine used can carry the transaction needs of up to 100,000 transactions per second, and can meet the rapid charging needs of users, and complete the transactions efficiently and quickly.The user's digital asset storage adopts multiple signed cold wallet, private key offline hot wallet and other advanced technologies, to effectively ensure the security of funds.In addition, the platform also has a long-term and stable cooperation with professional external technical consultants such as Cloudflare.While perfectly ensuring the security of users 'assets, the customer service department will continue to improve and upgrade its products and services according to users' suggestions and needs, with no end to improving innovation and user experience.

bitmaster's vision is to provide convenient, secure and secure investment channels for digital assets and derivatives investors.In addition to trading services, bitmaster also provides one-stop professional comprehensive consultant investment solutions and services, complete the digital asset exchange from trading provider to trading service provider, with diversified hedging strategy, rigorous risk control system and trading principal constant mechanism, risk management, position management, professional trading technology and rational trading concept to investors embracing digital assets, realize value investment, so as to maximize the security, stability and controllability, let every user become a qualified investor rather than speculators.(Official website:

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