The PLC DAPP was launched shockingly, and the global community is ready to go!


The PLC DAPP will be launched globally on September 26, 2021, and it will be launched shockingly. In the Asia-Pacific region, TIMFREEMAN, Zero One, King Kong, Sunac, Long Ao, Qiankun, Wanguan, Thunder, Pinnacle and many other communities are already ready to take off. They are ready to take advantage of the popularity of PLC DAPP to seize the opportunity and start. market! Many domestic studios also responded positively, joining the ranks of PLC, waiting for the PLC DAPP to go online, do a big job, let it go!

PLC DAPP is the world's first gold mine DeFi ecosystem created by anchoring gold entities and releasing gold's liquidity properties. It is also a wealth project that perfectly combines digital economy with gold entities. What kind of financial myth can PLC DAPP create, and what kind of wealth it can achieve, let us wait and see!

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