Introduction Printing Technology of CYCJET B3020 & T6040 industrial inkjet Printer


    Inkjet technology has become a household word through its presence on the consumer desktop as a low cost, reliable, relatively quick and convenient method of printing digital files. Although inkjet technology has been around since the 1950s in specialty printing, the impact of the technology in a wide range of industrial applications is only now becoming clear.

Why manufacturers coding their products by CYCJET continuous inkjet printers:

1) Facilitate product identification. By marking the product with a special logo, brand name, trademark pattern, etc., it can make the product stand out from the competition and increase brand awareness.

2) The need for product tracking records. The batch number, shift, or production date of the product is printed directly on the product, which makes each product have good traceability, which greatly facilitates the enterprise's quality management and product regional management.

3) Prevent counterfeiting. Manufacturers can often prevent and suppress counterfeiting through the identification of products. The application of new technologies enables those legitimate manufacturers to always be ahead of counterfeiters.

4) Increase the added value of the product. Marking a trademark or the name of a manufacturer on a plastic pipe means a commitment, which consumers generally consider to be a product of a company with a more complete quality track and responsible for product quality.

5) Improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.


Advantage CYCJET Small Character Inkjet Printer

1. The best R & D team in China, providing greater technical support while providing products, software can be upgraded and customized at any time. Keyboard operation & touch screen operation optional, and software developed based Linux

2. Independent research and development, assembly of imported parts, USB flash drive upgrade, easy operation

3. No requirement for consumables bundling, can be use alternative;

4.Single motherboard design reduces the risk of connector failure due to oxidation

5.Replaceable nozzle assembly can greatly reduce customer usage costs

6, square nozzle design, two-way automatic cleaning nozzle, easy nozzle maintenance.

7. Ink dot automatic tracking system, automatic modulation and splitting at startup and real-time monitoring and adjustment during operation, can better adapt to environmental changes and ensure a stable state of continuous printing for a long time

8. The precise printing algorithm can be adjusted arbitrarily to ensure the best balance between printing effect and speed.

9, the first domestic custom font software, what you want, expand unlimited printing, point-by-point editing functions to achieve the best printing effect

10. Online communication function, graphic logo, serial port random number, QR code for easy printing

11. Spray 7200 columns, can store 1000 messages

12. The fastest printer in China, 5 * 5 dot matrix printing can reach 345 meters / minute

13. For the cable industry, we have developed a continuous meter counting function, a print quantity detection function, and a one-click operation (optional) function that clears the zero at any time. The function is partially thickened, and any combination of vertical and horizontal fonts is available.

CYCJET is the a brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited. As a manufacturer, CYCJET have more than ten years experience for wholesaler and retailer of different types of handheld inkjet printing solution, Laser printing solution, portable marking solution in Shanghai China.

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