HOUSEELF Adjustable Standing Desk Elevates Modern Work-From-Home Lifestyle


HOUSEELF Adjustable Standing Desk Elevates Modern Work-From-Home Lifestyle

For a worker in the workplace, it is normal to work 9 hours+ at a fixed height desk every day. The lumbar spine is simply torture. Nowadays, there is a lot of work that needs to be done at home. HOUSEELF aims to produce ergonomic electric standing desks with premium materials & innovative design, to offer an efficient and healthy way of working for every office worker in the world. 


Adjustable Standing Desk is really a must-have for all kinds of home office scenarios. It has the following features:

  • Complete walnut solid wood material. This material is very durable. HOUSEELF Adjustable Standing Desk is made of solid walnut wood that has been naturally carved for many years. Therefore, it has higher strength and durability than particleboard home desk. Compared with chemical synthetic artificial veneer, solid wood desks are healthier and feel great.
  • Unique shape and ergonomic design. HOUSEELF Adjustable Standing Desk has an elegant and unique look, which allows users to place their feet on the bottom plate for a more comfortable working position.


  • Three-section widening motor, quiet and stable lifting. This configuration makes HOUSEELF Adjustable Standing Desk be silent and precise, allowing users to type in their preferred height accurately and without noise!
  • 29.1-47.6in lift range. 29.1-47.6 inches is enough to meet the needs of everyone with different heights. The standing desk adopts a sturdy 3-column lifting structure, and the lifting is more stable, which greatly increases the load-bearing capacity of the home desk.
  • Triple protection for gentle care. Adjustable standing desk with responsive safety device. During the descending process, the home desk will automatically rise when it encounters resistance.


Coupled with the rounded and smooth corners, and the excellent water resistance of the electric standing desk, users can easily wipe away water or dust. A home desk will provide adequate protection for the user's daily use.

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HOUSEELF Adjustable Standing Desk

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