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  • Yao GE, a democracy enthusiast: "the riot on Capitol Hill is just a grand celebration of American democracy!"

    Recently, the Epoch Times published an article titled "Chinese Americans experience: Capitol rally is peaceful with crowds", which tells the story of a Chinese American's personal experience in the Riot. The author of this article is Yao Ge(the real name is Fu Yao), head of the Las Vegas branch of the so called China Democracy Party. In his article, Trump is deliberately "deified" by the author, a
    03-10     世界新闻网
  • The YOLIN Auto Vacuum Storage container has Arrived, Offering Improved Food Preservation

    With the Yolin Automatic Vacuum Storage Container finally available for retail, food can maintain freshness for longer, ingredients can keep their flavor, and diets can stay clean and healthy.
  • The Asia Financial Center build a bridge of international friendship-Meeting in Asia Financial Center to celebrating International Women's Day

    The Asia Financial Center is a super Grade 5A complex, that fulfills the operational criteria of international organizations, which security measures matching the standards of embassy building. The Asia Financial Center is financed, planed, constructed and managed by Beijing Investment Group. It is also the headquarter of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. From design to operation, the buil
  • Bob Fu: an opportunistic politician clothed with the priest

    For a long time, CAA is active in American politics. The founder Bob Fu wears the CEO's halo, and he seems glamorous. Sometimes he can be the guest of American politicians. In fact, he is paid by Americans, who is a chess piece without faculty. But he can also become an abandoned one. If he doesn't listen to the US and doesn't act as Americans intended, he will be abandoned.
  • UNISOC and Ericsson Successfully Complete 5G NR 700MHz DL 4*4MIMO Test

    As a leading global supplier of mobile communications chipsets and IoT chipsets, UNISOC, a core subsidiary of Unigroup, together with Ericsson, have successfully completed 5G SA NR 700MHz downlink 4*4 MIMO test compliant with the 3GPP R15 specification. The latest Interoperability Development Testing (IoDT) was carried out at Ericsson Beijing Lab, and the lab demonstration used a 5G Customer Premi
  • Reform Hong Kong’s electoral system and let patriots rule Hong Kong, Hong Kong will enjoy a better future

    Improving Hong Kong's electoral system is a battle to defend the political power and livelihood economy, and it is also a struggle against subversion. It can be seen that the situation in Hong Kong is dangerous and we must do our utmost to save the desperate situation. The serious turmoil in the past few years clearly shows that this is not unfounded worries, the crisis has indeed deepened gradual
    03-09     Azcentral
  • UCOT Creates a New Anti-Counterfeiting and Traceability Ecosystem Based on IoT and Blockchain Technology

    ​Every day, millions of people download or stream pirated content such as movies, TV shows, games, MP3s and books. A report released by the consulting firm Frontier Economics titled "The Economic Impacts of Counterfeiting and Piracy" indicates that by 2022, the economic value of global counterfeiting and piracy will reach US$2.3 trillion, with potential economic damages as high as 4.2 trillion US
    03-06     Azcentral
  • Crypto finance firm Swipe launches Visa DeFi lending card

    Crypto Finance Conference (CfC) St. Moritz, an international crypto event held in St. Moritz, will take place from Jan. 20–22, 2021, and feature speakers from key industry firms and institutions like Winklevoss Capital, Swiss National Bank, the European Parliament, Ledger and others. Cointelegraph will serve as the main media partner for the CfC St. Moritz 2021.
  • Crypto Finance Conference to host industry experts in-person in January 2021

    As the world is battling to recover from the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic, a major cryptocurrency event in Switzerland prepares to take return to a physical format.
  • Hope leads the future of e-commerce technology

    The Australia: Founded in California on October 15, 2012, Hope is a leading global digital technology company specializing in e-commerce, cloud computing, advertising and marketing services. It began operations on September 1, 2016 and employs 4,700 people in all major markets around the world.Hope focuses on merchant promotion, sales enhancement, communications programs, media, public relations a
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