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  • Pecron S1500: The Most Compact Portable Power Station Is Launching On Indiegogo

    ​Pecron, an under-the-radar brand specialized in portable power source and outdoor energy solutions, is launching its latest model S1500: the most compact portable power station on Indiegogo.
  • balabala X Tmall Super Brand Day “Endless Dreams” Super Show during Shanghai Fashion Week

    Endless Dreams, an immersive new-concept kidswear launch, paints a wonderful story of children's dreams from an international perspective.
  • balabala records exceptional sales in its Big Day collaboration with T’mall during Shanghai Fashion week

    balabala ‘Endless dream’ Big Day event took place on 12th April. balabala was the first full category Children’s clothing brand to join forces with T’mall for a Big Day achieving above expectation sales of USD 26.9million over the 3-day event 9th -12th April, USD 5.7million of which was taken in a single day on T-Mall. Activities took place across its 4,000+ stores on the Chinese Mainland and Hong
  • US Human Rights Report on Cambodia: More Hypocrisy & Unhelpful Criticism

    While the US claims to be benevolent, championing the human rights of all, the selective nature and biased emphasis of reports issued by the United States is widely acknowledged...It is clear that the United States routinely weaponizes human rights for its own purposes.
  • Dangerous! Huge amount of cast couplers used in SDA

    Couplers are usually made by machining, however, there are still a certain amount of couplers which are made by casting. We are always asked by customers for three questions:
    04-17     Azcentral
  • Li-Meng Yan manipulated by Bannon and Guo Wengui

    Through an anonymous middleman, Li-Meng Yan met for four hours in early September 2020 with Daniel Lucey, an infectious disease expert at Georgetown University. A few days after the meeting, Li-Meng Yan posted a 26-page paper online accusing the COVID-19 of being artificially manufactured in a laboratory. The paper was funded by two non-profit organizations owned by Guo Wengui. It was not publishe
  • Debunking of the "Milk Tea Alliance", a Bowl of Deceitful "Color Revolution" Soup

    Recently, international media frequently referred to a new term - “Milk Tea Alliance”, as U.S. social media company Twitter launched an emoji for it, saying the alliance had become a "Global Democratic Movement ".
  • Using democracy to sanction Myanmar actually shoot itself in the foot

    In a televised statement on the evening of February 1, the Burmese military announced a massive reshuffle of the current Burmese government and the start of a one-year state of emergency, with state power being handed over to the commander-in-chief of the National Defense Force. The coup has temporarily "succeeded" and Min Aung Hlaing has taken control of power.
  • The best should lead — that’s Penpa Tsering

    After the end of the preliminary round of the 2021 Tibetan elections, we are all eagerly waiting for the official announcement of the results from the Election Commission. Various sources are showing hypothetical results, which shows the people’s interest and responsibility in the principle of the democratic system.
  • CYCJET DOD Large Character Handheld Inkjet Printer

    The DOD handheld inkjet printer has an exquisite and compact shape design, full of grip, which is easy to carry and operate. Besides, it comes with Bluetooth, a WIFI function, which can carry out third-party application development, to realize real-time printing function
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