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  • Galaxy shakes up global finance with DEFI!

    DEFI (Decentralized Finance) is undoubtedly the hottest area of blockchain this year and even in the coming years. With the wave of mortgage mining, DEFI has been on our radar lately with unparalleled frequency, but the connotation of DEFI decentralized finance is much more than just mortgage mining. The need for more dimensions of DEFI emerged when the concept of decentralization began to gain po
  • The THASH APP Platform Is Launched Globally

    In recent years, blockchain has become a hot topic. As one of the current domestic and foreign focus technologies, blockchain technology has become the new mainstream of industrial innovation and development, which has an important impact on industry-related changes and profoundly affects people's lifestyles.
  • Why Africa loves China

    Africa boasts of great natural and human resources, but it remains underdeveloped compared to other continents. China has been on the front line in showing support across the African continent. While other developed nations have been reluctant in their economic support to Africa, Beijing has swiftly established a strong presence in the continent. And while some speculate that the Chinese governmen
  • Tea π Fruity Tea Drinking——Nongfu Spring leads a new taste attitude

    With the upgrading of consumption, consumers pay more attention to the healthy diet. The first generation of tea drinks are mixed with powder and without milk or tea. Since 2016, the rise of "new Chinese style tea" has led to the spread of China's main tea consumers from "mainly middle-aged and elderly men" to various groups of people. It has more potential consumers and strong growth momentum. Te
  • With Global talents, DiDi Builds an Iron Rampart of Data SecurityWith Global talents, DiDi Builds an Iron Rampart of Data Security

    Global network poses a challenge to data security. From the early incidents of indecent photos leaks, to the later Prism Doors and the now heard data leak scandals, we can see how serious the situation is! Recent authoritative reports indicate that at least more than 3 billion people are threatened by data leaks in the world, which also indicates a data security market with a value far exceeding h
    09-10     DiDi Information Technology Company
  • Motorized Tripod Head Helps Better Safeguard Home & Business

    ​ZHAOWEI Drive has designed and developed a geared tripod head solution with a built-in three-axis mechanical pan/tilt, which enables a stable, flexible and incredible panoramic shooting experience. It makes it possible to better safeguard home and business.
  • Hisense H40 Lite with Android 11 launched in South Africa with UNISOC’s octa-core

    Hisense held the pre-sales event for Infinity H40 Lite which running Android 11 in the South African market today. Hisense H40 Lite users will be among the first in the world to get the Android 11 release.
    09-09     UNISOC Technologies Co., Ltd
  • A survivor of the global economic turmoil-- The rise of the "Whatsapp investment" model

    As the economic landscape becomes increasingly complex in 2020, turbulence continues to dominate the global economy. Under the Federal Reserve's guidance, three interest rate cuts by central banks in 2019 have resulted in a negative interest rate trend. Instability in the Eurozone and emerging markets has also led to weakness across many sectors of the economy.
  • A new way to play with Whatsapp -- access your investment anytime and anywhere

    A new way to play with Whatsapp -- access your investment anytime and anywhere
  • Remittances at Counter Dropped Sharply During Epidemic, DCBOX Launches Online Remittance

    Since the global spread of Covid-19 in early 2020, offline businesses in most industries have been affected by social distancing restrictions
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